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Good Things Come in Custom, Turnkey, Fully Managed Packages

Fully Managed Philosophy

Whether working in an office, retail store, restaurant or remotely, the technologies you use should be seamless, all inclusive, exceed expectations, scale as you grow and support you 24/7, all for one low price.

Quality Over Quantity

SharpLink designed RetailBox® from the ground up, based on extensive and direct feedback from businesses spanning all verticals.

Save Time & Money

Significantly improve your infrastructure on the front end, while saving serious time and money on the back end.


as low as $149.95 per month, per location

+ primary internet charge, 3 year term.

First Things First.

RetailBox® Addresses

The Bandwidth Problem.

Businesses demand high-quality, reliable bandwidth to ensure their systems and applications are running at their best. RetailBox® delivers this speed and availability when you need it most.

Connect in the office, in the cloud, and from home offices with industry-leading internet services, including: Cable, DSL, Fiber, EoC, T1, Cellular, Fixed Wireless, and Satellite.

Even better? Our extensive portfolio of mission-critical services is available nationwide, ensuring every user can connect at all times from any location.

4.8/5 voice rating based on over 3000 reviews

  • 3 phones / Voice Lines – Keep your current primary number.
  • 1 Yealink Business-Class Cordless IP Phone and 2 Wireless Desktop Phones.
  • Unlimited LD / Music on Hold / Mobile App.
  • Voicemail to Email.

Total Control

From the Data Center to the Edge

All From One Pane of Glass

SimpleWAN makes it easy to connect, secure and automate your distributed and remote networks.

  • Cloud Orchestrator.
  • Monitoring System.
  • Diagnostic Tools.
  • Global Firewall Rules.
  • Built-in Failover.
  • vMPLS.
SDN Everything

Minimize Downtime

Improve the Customer Experience

AT&T T-Mobile Verizon
Maximize Revenue
  • Round-the-clock, uninterrupted network connectivity is an absolute requirement in today’s world of cloud-connected systems and always-online technologies.

  • We ensure a reliable, immediate failover option for your network – regardless of space or budget constraints. We provide value and peace of mind to any business: your Internet stays up – even when your primary link is down.
  • The average cost of an unplanned outage is over $100K per hour for Enterprises. Whether you’re a growing business or an established enterprise, we offer a viable LTE solution to your networking issues.
  • We are heavily reliant on an always-online network for cloud-connected programs for our day-to-day, and other failover options are either expensive or just as unreliable in the long run. Have peace of mind in knowing that BullsEye is a cost-effective choice for failover, with the ruggedness and versatility to be a reliable 24/7 failsafe for a primary network.
  • 1GB pooled data per location is our minimum standard.

Provide Reliable WiFi Throughout Your Business Location

Give employees and customers the fast, dependable connectivity they need with our Managed WiFi service. We’ll handle day-to-day management and support so your IT team is free to focus on critical tasks and new challenges.

  • Managed Service

    Managed WiFi is a comprehensive service: We design, implement and manage it all for you. Our experts monitor your WiFi connections, provide access point support and handle any additional network change requests. In short, we take care of it all.

  • Connectivity Everywhere Your Users Need It

    Deliver a strong high-capacity WiFi connection across your location and provide service where your staff, employees and guests need it. Whether it’s in every corner of your property or in facilities across the country, our Managed WiFi service delivers high-performing connectivity everyone can count on.

  • No Additional Expenses

    We provide, manage and maintain all the equipment, so you can say goodbye to maintenance expenses and overhead. And at no extra cost, we proactively monitor your WiFi with 24/7/365 support from local technical experts — ensuring you’ll have peace of mind that your connection is reliable.


Risk Assessment

Evaluate your ability to prevent, detect, contain, and remediate a ransomware attack. You do all you can to keep ransomware from getting into your environment, though you know that by large, compromises are still inevitable.

Our Ransomware Risk Assessment evaluates your environment for vulnerabilities exploited by modern, rapidly evolving ransomware attacks, as seen in the headlines of all media outlets. Our experts achieve this by assessing the impact a ransomware attack could have on your internal network, discover what data could be jeopardized or lost, and test the ability of your security controls to detect and respond to a ransomware attack.

RetailBox Risk Assessment

Are You Ready?

Our Site Survey for Digital Services examines your company’s VoIP and UCaaS readiness and provides actionable recommendations for improvement. It provides a comprehensive way to see a holistic view of your network performance to more efficiently implement our latest VoIP and SD-WAN technologies.

Our Site Surveys are completed by an experienced team of field engineers who will assess your assets and help you make an informed business decision about what’s best for your business.

RetailBox Installation

‘Plug and Pray’

Isn’t Our Style

With RetailBox®, we don’t follow the industry standard ‘Plug and Pray‘ model: Provisioning hardware and shipping to customers, hoping and praying that it works when an on-site employee (with no IT experience) plugs it in. This practice isn’t only lazy, but it oozes a high level of incompetence.

Our Installation Techs are not only vetted and experienced, they are trained specifically on the technologies they will be installing. Whether you have 5 locations or 5,000, we take care of all installs from start to finish.

Cutting-Edge is What We Do

RetailBox Logo
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