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Biometric Solutions for Education, Government, and Business

What we can do with FACE

Our solutions see people. They are imperceptible, fast, and accurate, capable of identifying a person in a crowd in a fraction of a second. They know your customers before they enter the store, or ensure a safe, document-free airplane boarding. We treat biometric data carefully without storing or transferring it, and work exclusively on our client’s premises.

  • Consistent leader in international face recognition benchmarks
  • 30+ top-notch AI and Computer Vision scientists
  • 100,000+ cameras connected to Face’s platform
  • Less than 1 second is required to process every request
  • 100+ international partners deploying our platform
  • 20+ API and OEM global partners
Face Verification



The best verification algorithm in the world. Proven by the latest independent testing of face recognition engines. Winner of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Face Recognition Prize Challenge (FRPC).

Face Identification

The IARPA Face Recognition Prize Challenge found us to have the world’s fastest algorithm. It is currently the world’s only algorithm with sub-linear search time. Our algorithm works on planetary scale datasets with billions of faces, showing the best accuracy and speed performance.

Face Detection

Our face detection algorithm is renowned for revolutionary speed and accuracy. In a single shot our algorithm processes an unlimited number of faces, perfectly tailored for mass events. It is resistant to lighting conditions, posture, head poses and tilts.

Age and Gender

Detects a person’s age with 95% accuracy in 5 year intervals.

Detects a person’s gender with 99% accuracy.

Age and gender detection can be adopted across a wide range of use cases and markets including targeted offline advertisement, access control and data enrichment.

Emotion Recognition

Detects 7 primary and 50 compound emotions of a person. Captures and interprets emotional data to deliver actionable insights.

Emotion detection can be adopted across a wide range of use cases and markets including entertainment and media, client satisfaction measurement to name a few.

Silhouette Detection

Silhouette Detection

Tracks the silhouette and path of a person passing by the camera:

  • Accurate visitor counting when faces are not visible.
  • Silhouette-based trajectory detection.
  • Effective in big crowds where people obscure each other.
  • Operates either as an add-on to our facial recognition platform or as a standalone module.



Increase sales and reduce costs with Face. Get to know your customers as soon as they enter the store. Identify shoplifters, prevent theft and loss. Provide exquisite service to your VIPs, forging a strong bond, increasing their loyalty and purchase amount. Our facial recognition algorithm analyzes your visitors’ gender and age, allowing you to evaluate your marketing strategy efficiency and determine the target audience.

  • Reduce Theft and Prevent Financial Loss – Face recognizes faces in a video and checks them against the list of shoplifters. When a match is found, our system automatically notifies security so they can take action before the theft is committed, preventing additional losses.
  • Biometric Employee Identification – Your business can lose profits and significant revenue when customers don’t receive quality and timely customer service. Increase employee productivity; learn how they move and interact with customers on the sales floor, how long it takes them to complete tasks and track customer engagement.
  • Know Your Customer – Install our customer identification system in-store and collect a wealth of customer information including store visits, shopping paths/habits, to enhance traffic flow, sales mix, loyalty program, and custom targeted marketing.
  • Targeted Ads – Significantly boost marketing campaign efficiency with Face The Future. Tailor online and in-store ads to your customers’ gender, age, preferences and purchase history.

Finance | Fintech

Spot scammers and welcome VIP clients. Improve the quality of potential borrowers scoring and reduce the risks associated with the staff. Face helps you get the most out of your business investment.

  • Face Biometrics for Underwriting – Underwrite your risks by automatically checking client trustworthiness at the first visit. Such a reliability check speeds up the decision-making process on loans and significantly cuts off risks.
  • Bank Branches and ATMs – Face detects customer faces in bank branches and ATMs and checks them against fraud databases. In addition, Face will help prioritize customer queues, improving overall customer service.
  • Remote/Mobile Banking – Automatic Verification of customers ensures the security of your services and reduces the risk of fraud. Sign contracts remotely with automatic document verification and identify customers directly from the mobile app.
  • Employee Verification – Face’s access control system negates the risks of employees RFID-cards falsification, loss, and transfer to third parties. A biometric checkpoint allows you to automatically track time and attendance, customer engagement and much more.

Corporate Safety & Security

Face allows you to take security up a notch in enterprises and offices, effectively and without inconvenience for employees providing access and time tracking.

Our access control system with facial biometrics at a large enterprise successfully solves the problem of access control in conditions of a massive influx of people at the beginning and at the end of work shift period, saving time for both employees who have forgotten the pass and security guards.

  • 10 Times Less – Time for employees to get to their workplaces at a large facility with a biometric system in place.
  • 12 Work Days – Are lost each year due to daily 20-minute late arrivals.
  • < 1 Second – It takes to locate a visitor on your site using Face’s algorithm.

Gaming Industry

Recognize VIP guests as soon as they enter the casino, and provide the highest level of service. Face allows you to seamlessly inform the security staff of an unwanted visitor appearance, and prevent them from entering the casino.

  • VIP Guest Identification – Providing high-quality services to VIP guests is a guarantee of their loyalty. Get to know important guests and exceed their expectations. Knowing the history of guest visits, activity schedules and buying habits, win their hearts with custom personalized services. Make them come more frequently and increase their average spend.
  • Fraud Prevention – Identify people on black lists before they enter your property. As soon as an unwanted or blacklisted guest appears, a security officer is notified and prevents their entrance. Face helps track game legitimacy, disclosing fraudulent schemes. The built-in Liveness technology protects the algorithm from fraud.
  • Security of Premises – Ensure total security of the premises. Limit the risks of employee RFID card falsification, its loss, transfer to a third party and use of a single access card by multiple people.  Thanks to Liveness, the algorithm cannot be deceived by using a photo or video image of another employee.
  • Guest Statistics – Hourly, daily, and monthly visit statistics. Tailor your offer to your audience needs by segmenting customers by age, recognizing first-timers from repeat customers, analyzing average time spent in your facility.

Public Safety & Security

Creating a comfortable and safe living environment is of the utmost importance. Face’s facial biometrics platform plays a vital role in solving this task. On the one hand, Face allows city authorities to collect big data essential for city planning. On the other hand, it significantly improves public safety, assisting law enforcement agencies in identifying offenders, locating criminals at large, and spotting missing people.

  • Forensic Search – The identity of the offender may be unknown, but the police may have his/her image at its disposal. A photo or video taken from the crime scene, ATM camera, or video surveillance system, is enough to productively expedite the investigation. Instantly spot offender’s location, track their everyday routes and social relations, and detect alleged accomplices.
  • Search For Missing Person – Every year all over the world, millions of people go missing, and most of them do in an urban environment. In the search for a missing person, every minute counts. In a fraction of a second, Face determines the last known location and movement route, identifies their companions, and drastically narrows the search area.
  • Public Events Security – When holding mass events, nothing can be more important than the task of early detection of individuals posing a threat to public security. Face’s Video Analytics in a fraction of a second recognizes and identifies wanted criminals in the crowd and notifying police officers, allowing them to take immediate action.

Transport Security

Railways, airports, sea and river ports, subway, train stations, and public ground transport are not only means of transportation for intruders and terrorists but are also likely targets for their attacks. In this regard, the task of ensuring the safety of transport infrastructure facilities is of critical importance. Highest accuracy and speed are what makes Face a perfect transport safety solution.

  • Biometric Monitoring – Analyze video from surveillance cameras on-the-fly to instantly spot crime and terrorist suspects.
  • Forensic Search – Expedite crime investigations. Search databases of face images to determine and analyze the movement routes of wanted offenders.
  • Passenger Analysis – Study passengers on public transport and significantly increase passenger specific datasets.

Mobile Operations

The Face The Future mobile biometric complex is a unique solution that guarantees the safety of cultural and sporting events and provides biometric control in counter-terrorism operations and hot spots.

  • Watch Lists – Protect cultural and sporting events by blacklisting criminals, offenders, and unwanted visitors. Update watch lists in a single click, given the event audience. Enable the white list mode to offer fast-track-entry to VIP guests.
  • Fully Autonomous – The Face The Future mobile biometric complex, both hardware and software, can operate 24 simultaneous cameras up to 8 hours without being connected to the power supply or data network. This makes the biometric complex indispensable when it comes to ensuring the safety of countryside events, such as music festivals, open-airs, and air shows.
  • Increased Coverage – Equipped with SharpLink SD-WAN and SharpLink Access Points for extended range, our mobile biometric complex allows you to use monitoring cameras at a distance of up to 1,000 meters from it.

Consumer Electronics

Almost two billion mobile smartphones were added to the global marketplace last year alone. The number of smart consumer electronics, ranging from thermostats to refrigerators to televisions, is growing rapidly. The Internet of Things (IoT) is at our doorstep, and expected to account for over 75 billion connected devices by 2025. Global consumers now expect their devices to know when we are present and interact accordingly. Never has the need for efficient software design been higher than in the world of mobile and embedded devices. SharpLink is the global leader in efficient face recognition software for mobile and embedded devices.

  • Device Unlock – Enables contactless device unlock, higher efficiency and effectiveness than Google and Apple biometrics.
  • Enterprise Grade – Provides enterprise grade facial recognition on various mobile devices.
  • Customization – Offers seamless customization and personalization.

Sample Use Cases

Visitor Identification

Create “black”, “white” and “custom” lists of clients and employees. As soon as an unwanted guest comes into sight, the system notifies your security personnel. Being notified about your VIPs arrival will help you provide them a truly warm welcome.

Expedited Services

Today, you can’t make people wait. Facial recognition technology speeds up the delivery of numerous services, such as customs control in an airport, online loans, POS operations, etc.

Access Management

Face recognition access control provides employees with quick, smooth and convenient access to the workplace and takes the enterprise security to the next level.

Public Safety

The Face The Future face recognition platform significantly improves security city- and nationwide. Integrate Face The Future with thousands of cameras that are already embedded in urban infrastructure.

Fraud Prevention

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Instantly spotting people with criminal records, Face The Future will help to protect your business from possible financial losses and investigate theft, should it happen.

Know Your Customer

The world has become personalized. Offer your customers products and services they really need.


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